Tallest Man on Earth Sometimes The Blues

August 28, 2018

Tans for the Its Awesome Ehiomele Blessing Temitope November 1 2014 3:33 pmhi absolutely love and thank God for this sg Can somebody please write in English the meaning of the words written in the Nigerian language I love the sg very much and just wanted to know what it really means thank you in advance Woooooooooooow the sg is wderful I love it May the almighty God bless u more abundantly loveth June 3 2016 7:19 amof a truth its really e of my love you Lara George Precious J 6:17 amNYC inspirati I have kept this sg as my ring te for a while now and d’t seem to change are an inspirati please keep the fire burning for Christ Thank you ma Keziah Octo 7:59 amAmazing sg First heard it two days ago and it really uplifted me Well de Lara Blessed child Octo 2:30 amYOUR SG IS NATURAL,KEEP. What is the meaning of dansaki re Chieme johns J 6:57 amI really love this sg very well cos it touches my heart whenever i hear or sing it Anyadike Rejoice Aug 8:29 amso interesting and soul lifting keep it up,the Lord is your strength M so lifted anytime I listen 2 dis sg… God bless u n strengthen u d more in Jesus Name… Temitope Ayaoba Janu 4:14 amI bless God for the inspirati of the sg,I pray that will ctinue to increase you Oyedeji Adeoluwa Janu 1:38 pmWow! This sg inspire me a lot am so so blessed wenever I listen to the sg May d good Lord ctinue his wders in your life Lara george (Amen). Nice sg Its soul lifting Jessica Ndu Ap 7:46 amNice e name sake More anotin omolara Ap 2:27 pmOh my God! What a music… I love this sg! I can marry a lady coz of her voice… Trying 2 skull d sg Stay blessed lara george! I've neva bn touched by sgs b4 bt dis e. Very moltivating,DANSAKI RE in my heart even in my home Jehovah be lifted in my life today… Ore 3:57 ami love this sg so much it inspired and lift my spirit and make me dance in any where i heard it thanks very much may d oil in you never get dry in jesus name Amen Ewere Gift 7:22 amI dt know the exact word 2 qualify this but its so enriching and I Love it with everything in me…Thank God 4d inspirati to do this Lara God. Does not have name tag OO thankyou Olubusayo Osinubi J 2:45 pmI love dis sg…anytime I listen to the sg,am alwys apy…tnks 2 u L.G janet J 2:55 pmi love this sg so much indeed god is worthy of acknowledgement in that i replay it more than 10 time over and over again my siblings love it so much too i pray for god guidance in your live and inspirati to. I’M acknowledging you for who you are For what you’ve de In my life Oh i’m i’m acknowledging you for who you are Dansaki re Dansaki re baba (adsbygoogle= oogle||[]).push({}); I’m acknowledging you for who you are For what you’ve de In my life Oh i’m i’m acknowledging you for who you are Dansaki re Dansaki re baba EhIn my life you are the miracle worker You are king of kings You are the way maker…oh yea In my life you are the prince of peace Dansaki re Dansaki.

Lara I am Damaris Mbiya from Kenya I heard this sg for the first time yesterday and I feel in love with it I was looking for a thanks giving sg to minister with during my mother white wedding and God gave me this The anointing that I fell when i was practicing your cfirms the break through we will see 6th Dec 2014 during the wedding May the miracle worker ctinue to anoint you to bring heaven's worship down I love you Damaris Mbiya Novem 1:05 amMy sg for 2014 Cant get tired of listening to it God bless. Oh god i’m so happy your sg is very well abiodoun abèni Febru 7:06 amAn amazing deeply the Holy Spirit ctinue giving you such it soooo much! Naty Febru 7:40 amThanks my sister for this soul lifting sg.I feel relief from every problem that comes after listeningto this sg may our almighty God inpower you more I. My birthday sg am ga dedicate dis sg to bless you lara george.(y) oluwadara Decem 6:00 pmThanks sis Lara you are too much More blessings to you Mercy Bobuel Janu 11:44 amIts praiseful and an act of showing Appreciati Touchin and gud 2 listen to both in the morning and in the evening after and before bed respectively Before i forget Thankx 4 d. This sg inspires me so much Lara i give God d glory 4 making u a vessel fit 4 His use Gob bless u Ma! Victor osile Novem 5:47 pmi luv dis sg,nice sg Adegbuyi samuel Decem 3:18 amThe sg is indeed ’t get tired listening to grace to. I really love dis s… God bless u edith chisom ibeh February 6 2014 3:36 amawesome! we sang it during the November thanksgiving service in my church as a choir piece and it was so niceeeeeeeeee may the Lord ctinue to bless u abundantly and may u neva lose focus ijn Stella Febru 5:13 amTHIS SG IS WDERFUL GOD. This is my favourite sg Lara God bless your ministry candid Aug 6:36 amnyzz sg aunty lara ur an inspirati to up coming gospel artists like me may GOD ctinue to see u tru prais Aug 8:57 amwderful sg! may the lord. Laila Ali has teamed up with the Think About Your Eyes Natial public awareness campaign in partnership with the American Optometric Associati to help raise awareness for undetected visi problems. Dansaki is like giving God all the hour he deserves as the almighty Stella Febru 5:23 amdansaki re in the sg means paying homage to God peace April 4 2014 8:57 amI luv the. Lara dear i luv dis sg am ignited each tym I sing bless u real good Eyaal Ap 3:37 pmthis sg have been the sg 4 me nd im blss by it… lara u re blessed larry j walter Ap 6:03 amur sgs r inspiring keep. I never get tired of this sg What an excellent spirit you have to have written this sg The fire will ctinue burning and the inspirati of the Holy Spirit will never be far from you The is coming Your a wder and a catalyst of change to your world because this sg carries in it a life changing spirit I appreciate it so much Mirabel Septem 9:21 amAhh! I love this sg it taught and remind me y my psayer that GOD wil empower u the more in. Sis I love this sg so much it’s a soul lifting sg God shall ctinue to give u more inspirati U are blessed Adejugbe lolade September 7 2017 12:23 pmit is a mind blowing sg that gives me the reas to always praise God I am indeed encouraged and and filled with faith May the inspirati you have never leaves you. May God bless you with even more of your talent and heart desires I love the sg infact the whole album and I Love You Lara George,keep up the good work Sitrick Mfanafuthi Khumalo February 2 2016 1:46 pmi xo much love dis sg dansaki may God bless u,u are really a God sent tank u xo much i love u lara george LYNDy Ma 8:05 ami love ur. I really love this sg i feels happy anytime i hear the sg i wish i were in the video,waw!!! You could have seen how i will dance! well i pray that the name of the Lord will be glorified through this sg Amen Auta Thomas April 5 2014 2:11 amHmmm Lara u ar so talented dis sg DANSAKI really do put smiles my face wen ever it pas tru my ears good job! Ebrown Ap 9:14 amLovely Music indeed I reli,reli lv dis sng cos it so motivatn cos i lstn 2 it almst more dan 5 tym a day Lara u’v de a gr8t job Chakris 5:18 pmwow! Like wow that sg is GRACIOUS:Seriously I am like wow who is that Amazin Lady with Glory spiritual kiss ur lyf & family q unstoppin Gift that never. Somee Wished Me Goodnight With The Sg.I Then Decided To Download It To Find Out Whats Unique In My Greatest Suprise,it Piece My Heart.I Just Fell In Love With The Bless You Sister LARA And Inspire You With More Grace That Is Beyd Hu You To A Level That Has No End MOUNGUE PRINCE Ma 5:20 amplease what is the meaning of dansake re I'm so happy now that I have seen the cos I've been lging to learn the sg whneva I listen this sg I feel lyk……………….(Speechless) Betsy August 4 2014 1:32 pmI'm very happy now dat I've seen the of this sg cos I've been lging to learn d sg……………… Lara goerge!!! U̶̲̥̅̊ did well… Betsy August 4 2014 1:41 pmDansaki means Royalty Seriously dis sg is somthing else lara dear u r my may God ctinue to give you more strenght i love you Frank Quimby March 6 2014 7:29 amIts really a meaningful sg Lara God bless you IJN Ma 7:27 amGod too much way to go Your work is deeply appreciated. Aunty lara l am so much blessed by dis inspiratial music and am going already learning it to sing it as a special sg during our youth programme in my church,ctinue with de good works and keep de fire burning l love u chisom Ma 5:08 pmI really love this sg it really touches my heart mur anointing ijn Dammy Ma 8:48 amHesty this is more than a sg to me I hardly dance but whenever I play this sg I just. This sg is my favorite well de Lara kip the spirit burning… mk Gadzama Janu 5:37 amah this is great!!! If it pleases God this sg will b my processi sg during my wedding But please mummy Lara can you help me with the interpretati of the sg in English language Hyellatakari Janu 2:24 pmthis sg is great and life transforming Thanks 4 dis sg I love d so much God will uplift u (ijn)Amen vicky November 6 2013 5:50 pmI really bless d name of d lord for d inspirati he hath given to u to compose dis sg,nyc sg keep it up…… yvne Yvne Novem 11:34 pmi so much love d sg…i feel blessed weneva i listen 2 it May god cntinue 2 enrich wit lyf enriching Love you so much….celebrate you perently…Hugzzzzzzzzz tyna Janu 10:09 pmYour sgs are soul winning This particular e lifted my spirit Thanks for giving me the Ojeomokhai Rutj February 1 2014 11:19 amBeautiful sg Lara keep it up God.

Country singer and reality star Jesse James Decker stirred up some questis about her parenting skills when she posted her 4-year-old daughter with a deep suntan. Dix x a really inspiratial sg it touches it blesses it’s indeed God’s composed Favour Stephen J 10:44 amI love this sg so much Thank and thanks to God Almighty may God bless you in Jesus name Amen Rachel J 3:42 pmVery nice sg I bless God for such gift up you pls other artistes should learn something from this output. Ahh! I love this sg it taught and remind me y my prayer that GOD wil empower u the more in JESUS NAME Joshua peni Septem 3:17 pmI really love your sgs Lara dear… They are very inspiring… Thumbs up and God bless you Clara junior Octo 5:34 amwow lov. If you've ever sweated sunscreen into your eye you know. Sorry we just need to make sure you're not a robot For results please make sure your browser is accepting cookies. I GIVE GOD ALL D GLORY FOR HIS GRACE UP UR LYF D INSPIRATI HE HATH GIVEN U 2 COMPOSE DIS SG(DANSAKI RE).AM SO-MUCH IN-LOVE WIT IT I FEEL BLESSD WENEVA I LISTEN 2 IT IT’S A GREAT JOB UR DOING=> BIG SIS KEEP IT UP D LORD’S UR STRENGTH!!! ROSELINE EDEM October 6 2016 9:46 amLara love I love your sg uloma Decem 1:59 pmOh my! Lara George u r too is e of my sg i. I love this sg so muchthank you for the Perpetual June 7 2017 9:28 amI love this sg in my heart Up ward Lara George Musa J 11:30 amI love your sgs so much God bless u the more Thanks Your sg is fabulous soaring higher is ur aim keep it up Kolawole Tobiloba Ma 5:33 amI really love this sg God bless you Lara Ada ofori Ap 12:17 pmThis sg always inspires me whenever i listen to it More. The first i had this sg it seems to me like am already in heaven and i took like e week befor i could it have been my nny Ap 3:45 pmgreat sg of gratitude to God….tnx 4 lyric Rose 8:34 pmThis sg is my sg I really love the sg may Almighty God be with you and your family Amen love you Lara George. And they say you can safely enjoy romaine lettuce again. Please keep me updated each time your release a new album Dansaki is GAA ” Godly-Auto- Awesome” ! KSA 7:00 amPlease send me the to my sister's email for I love this sg so much Ngozi Okpala 2:26 pmKeep !you did a great wil add more greese to your elbow spiritually…stay bless. Truly he is worthy to be praised dansaki re o baba Lara George anointing will ctinue to flow in your life Olawale Decem 8:04 amThanks for the inspiring sg May God ctinue to grant you more grace OLUMIDE FAFIYEBI Decem 5:13 ammore of these spiritual emoti sg you sister lara may God almighty grants you power to be steadfast. I HEARD THIS SG FOR THE VERY FIRST TIME THIS MORNING AND I WAS SO BLESSED I WAS WOWED!I SO MUCH LOVE THE AND THE BLESS!!! IYIOLA OLUWASEUN Janu 11:21 pmIt’s a great job U’re doing Sis,keep it up The Lord is ur muscle lady of virtue Janu 10:08 amCan somebody translate in english the meaning of Dansaki Re for me as i am not from Nigeria but i do love. Thank u sis lara God bless u u are too much hope September 9 2014 9:59 amI really love the sg to d extent dat I had to download it The good Lord u serve will ctinue to empower u in Wisdom knowlegde and understanding IJN Kip it up Olasunbo Septem 10:29 amI'm so much in love wit dis sg Lara i mean d sg is wderful nd inspiratial to my heart I love it so much Wel de u re rili doin a gud job,keep it up. D 1st time I listen 2 dis sg,it as been my sg so far.I pray dat God wil use u more than b4.u anoiting wil never dry it u lara abiodun December 2 2013 7:49 amI love this sg it ministers to the mind…it's very awesome and pleasant eno December 2 2013 7:53 pmI love this sg it’s awesome Oba yi yi…baba Oba gbani gbani….baba Oba to n toju eni….baba Afuni ma si regun….baba Oba awi mayehun….baba Eleti gbo story mi….baba Mi o le lomiran… baba Aribiti rabata….baba Arabata ribiti….baba Iwo ni n o sin titi….baba Jesu…baba o o o baba Oloruko pao pao pao pao pao bi ib Esu ma ti pofo…baba o o o baba Nitori olorun Olorun aw olorun…baba o o o babaBaba baba baba Baba baba babaDansaki re Re. Enter your email address: Baba o o baba Baba o o Baba o o baba Baba o o Baba o o baba Baba o o Baba o o baba Eh yi Even in my heart Even in my home Jehovah be lifted in my life today Even in my heart Even in my home Jehovah be lifted in my life today Even in my heart Even in my home Jehovah be lifted in my life todayEh yi Baba o o o baba Baba o o o Baba o o o baba Baba mi o o o Baba o o o baba Baba o o o Baba o o o. Tnk u Bukie 4 posting d of dis 1daful sg I love dis sg so much may d good Lord bless u Amen Chioma Ma 1:00 pmamen o!! Bukie Ma 1:14 pmCan’t believe I cried when listening to this is grate and fnks to Lara Georg*hugs* Emily Golding is 32 5’4” and currently weighs 145 pounds After the birth of her s she was inspired to lose weight This is her weight-loss story. I cant stop listening to this sg…n tnx 4d …I’m really acknowledging God 4Who He’s in My Lyf n Family…God Bless U all Ifechukwude 3:32 amMumy i am bless by this your inspire me to know God the more and love him Fyuy carl June 3 2014 6:25 amLara there was a track you sang each time i pass by and the music is going the melody will now delay my moti….i like you sg very well. Your email address will not be published Required fields are marked * Comment:* Name:* Email:* Nice Wderful sg i’m bless with it God bless u ma more grace Agala Jovial Chika June 3 2015 11:28 amI never get tired of listening to this sg I am passing through a phase in my life now and I listen to it everyday because it ministers to my soul and gives me reas to keep appreciating God and his mercies up my life and that of my family Thank you so much for the gift of this sg Chinenye June 7 2015 5:55 ami am glad to get the lyric of this sg…thanks D melody of dis sg wither away my negative thought each time i hack it ubulom noah J 10:35 ami so much love this music emoabino anthia July 7 2014 1:31 pmThis sg is the bomb and definately the hand work of God,pls keep blessing And touching life with ur gift cos the Lord is ur strength. I’M acknowledging you for who you are For what you’ve de In my life Oh i’m i’m acknowledging you for who you are Dansaki re o Dansaki re babaTi mo ba fijo si Mo dansaki re So when i start a dance i dansaki re Ti mo ba fijo si Mo dansaki re Dansaki re Dansaki re babaI’m acknowledging you for who you are For what you’ve de In my life Oh i’m i’m acknowledging you for who you are Dansaki re o Dansaki re yeI’m acknowledging you for who you are For what you’ve de In my life Oh i’m i’m acknowledging you for who you are Dansaki re o Dansaki re baba Eh yi. Lara I adore u Everlasting green sg It cant fade by God grace I aknoledge the good job Always thrilled each time I listen to it Lasisi Jimoh Janu 12:31 amwow Sis Lara I really love this sg and most of all the place u said ‘I acknowledged U for who are’ God is every thing to us I love u but God Almighty loves u most…… remain bless Aunty Lara Blessed Febru 2:39 aml pray that God gives you more sgs like Dansaki sg heals our hearts. This sg really inspires me.I am a Muslim but this sg is incredibly touching from my soul my God for blessing you with such an incredible God bless sg brings a joyful you Lara Adebisi J 11:29 amD sg is nice n good god will ctinue 2 increse ur wisdom n jesus name joseph adewale J 3:29 amThis is the bomb!!! It's praise unlimited Never too much and never expires Lara God bless you. Nice e sister,may almighty God ctinue to bless U̶̲̥̅̊ …dis sg I̶̲̥̅̊s̶̲̥̅̊ e out of d …stay bless chinwe February 3 2014 1:54 amI feel Good whenever I hear de sg Benjaminia February 5 2014 12:55 amI so much like dis sg,bless with. I really like your sg becos it,s really touching May the lord ctinue to grant you srenght and more knowlege Busola Novem 8:47 amLara dear Am in love with this sg in fact we are going to sing it in our church for our forth coming praise night The good Lord shall empower u to do more exploit and God shall give u more auti to functi to win more souls in to his kingdom thru ur sg It gives me Joy that u’re not using ur gift for d devil but to the Glory of God God ‘ll uphold u with his divine inspirati God bless u in Jesus. This sg is a soul lifter God bless the works of your hands Lara George Zi Lady September 4 2015 7:47 amthis sg keeps inspiring me to appreciate God always each time since It was sent to me right now its my caller te Beatrice Septem 7:01 pmthis sg keeps inspiring me to appreciate God always since It was sent to me right now its my caller te. Auntie Lara Thank you for dis beautiful sg “mayMay God keep u in d ministry ” Just'o(Joe) Febru 1:36 pmwow this sg is a blessing Treasure Febru 4:28 pmWDERFUL PRAISE WORSHIP…………… WELLDE LARA ITS VERY INSPIRING This sg motivates me when am unhappy………God is love*smile* Rukky Ma 3:52 pmI luv ur sg cos it touches me spiritually when i listen to ur sg d lord will cntinously be ur strnght Lauretta Ma 7:18 amI love DANSAKI,our GOD is good and worthy to be praise,I. Nice e sister may the Lord strengthen u Adeniji Ibrahim December 8 2013 5:59 amI love ur sgz Ybenel December 8 2013 3:26 pmi love this music somuch keep it up lara george Lara dear,i really enjoyed dis sg an my prayer is dat de Holyspirit will give more inspiratis Also,may God give u de strength to ctinue working hard for the lost souls to draw back to God through ur sgs Josephine February 3 2015 10:27 amAdorable Lara the oil your head will never go stale in the mighty never failing name of Jesus Christ Whenever I listen to this sg I see myself dancing into my wedding recepti(which is yet to come as @ the time of this post) I can’t help dancing out of ctrol to this sg I love you very much and trust God to engrace you to keep the fire the altar ever burning. Naija music fanatic!!! Founder of Follow me twitter: @repnaijaartists and @freenaija Find me instagram: @freenaija Catch me the dance floor if you can! #IntermediateStepperCommentsThanks dear for giving me the of this wderful sg Stay blessed carol.